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President Obama Joins China’s War on Religion

July 26, 2012


Living in China one expects things such as religious repression and control, but that is China. As an American, I never thought I would experience such things in my own country. Sadly enough, this is now the Case. Thanks to Obama’s HHS mandate, the United States government is declaring war on religion. Rather than visit China to see first hand how stifling oppression works, we can find it in the heartland.


China’s Religious Oppression

China is actively engaged in suppressing religious freedom on all fronts. In China all forms of worship are controlled and monitored by the communist party. Failure to comply with communist mandates result in a visit from China’s ‘boys in blue’, who will happily introduce religious practitioners to the business end of a truncheon- just to ensure that they learn about religion ‘China style’.


But of course Chinese can worship, the communist party has permitted this. China recognizes five official religions1. Not surprisingly, however, is that all of these religions are beholden to the communist party- which is atheist. In order to add to this religious confusion, all homilies, and places of worship must comply with ‘Chinese Patriotic Religion’ diktats. In other words, in China you are free to believe in God or a higher power as long as you do it when, where and how the communist party tells you to do so.


An example of how this works is that Chinese Catholics must attend churches ‘with Chinese characteristics’, or Churches controlled by the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association2. In such houses of hallowed worship, one will be forced to endure a ‘communist party ‘OK’ed’ and prepared homily. Hmm, while I do not consider myself to be a Biblical scholar, this notion has me confused. I may be wrong, but I would be surprised to learn that when Jesus and his followers traipsed around the Holy Land Jesus said,


OK my brothers and sisters listen up. You all know that I am the Word, but let me qualify that statement. My Word is law, unless of course, some atheistic branch of a despotic regime decides to modify My Words such that they can be molded into a form of control that enables the continued repression of My children.”


In order to ensure that the homily, the clergy and all things Catholic are in agreement with China’s atheist leaders, China has announced that the communist party and not the Pope will name Chinese Bishops3.


But stifling the masses in China is an equal opportunity affair. Monks are beaten4 to death5, Muslims are ‘disappeared6‘ and even those who choose to worship in their own homes7 are taken to the pokey- or Chinese ‘black jail’.



President Obama’s ‘Chinese Take’ on Religion

The Obama administration’s attack on religion and Catholics, albeit less stifling, is a fruit from the same tree. Through Obama’s HHS mandate, the president is demanding that Catholics kowtow to Washington in a move that would make Communist China proud.


Obama’s HHS mandate requires that all employers to cover sterilization, abortion inducing drugs and contraception in their health care plans8. According to the HHS, all organizations, even those which find this morally reprehensible, will be forced to do Obama’s bidding.


Bishop Zubik of Pittsburgh said that Obama, speaking through his minions has told Catholics,


‘To Hell with you!

To Hell with your religious beliefs

To hell with your religious liberty

To hell with your freedom of conscience9‘ -Biship Zubik statement here


Bishop Zubik has called Obama’s plan an unprecedented attack on religious beliefs. He continued that while there are exemptions to the rule, they are so narrowly scoped that Catholic employers would be affected in virtually every instance10.


Loss of Religious Freedom

Whether one is a Catholic or not, the news of the presidents infringement on religious freedom is scary. In a nation that was supposedly built upon religious freedom, it is disconcerting to see the government intrude on how we worship. What I mean by this is that every religion has beliefs which are the pillars for her faithful. The right of the unborn is one such belief in Catholicism. By forcing religious institutions to go against their belief and faith is mandating that religions comply with what the government demands, and not what the religions believe. In this case, Obama is acting in a similar manner to the communists in China. The president is not selecting our Bishops, however, he is overriding the word of the Pope and worse yet, the Catholic faith. By taking this action, the president is mandating that religions do not follow the word of God, but the word of the Obama.








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