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Egypt Sporting Chinese Made Knockoffs to the Olympics

August 6, 2012

Team Egypt has admitted that due to financial concerns, their Olympic team had to buy fake Nike Olympic gear from China to wear during the Olympics.
Hmm, let me think about this for a moment. Egypt has admitted that they have sought and procured fake gear from a company in China. Making and selling counterfeit goods is illegal and a thing that China promised to stop when it joined the WTO. It has been over a decade since China joined the WTO and yet they are still producing counterfeit goods which runs contrary to WTO rules.

Even worse is the fact that little to nothing has been done to stop China from doing so. Why has the Obama administration has done nothing to stop them?
Obviously the team Egypt example is nothing more than a symptom of a greater ill. It was recently reported that over 700,000 counterfeit parts made in China were used in US military weapons systems. Aside from this, the department of homeland security has said that over 80% of all counterfeit goods in the USA originate from the People’s Republic of China. This has resulted not only in lost profits and sales, but jobs as well.
Based on all these facts, could the Obama administration have used this Egypt-fake Nike incident to send a message to China and counterfeiters?
Would it be that difficult for the US, out of national interest, to make an example of that Chinese company? This is not the case of some fly-by-night Chinese guy selling Rolex knockoffs on E bay. This is just one more instance of the Obama administration proving that they are asleep at the wheel. It shows President Obama’s lack of concern in protecting US interests abroad.


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