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Obama Throws a Bone to Chinese High Technology

August 9, 2012

Wangxiang Group Corp, which is from China is seeking to buy 80% of A123, which is from the USA. This news would hardly be noteworthy, were it not for a few key points. A123 was awarded over $250 million tax payer dollars from the Obama administration, even though the Bush administration had warned against it. Now, A123 and all of its high tech goodies, will be the property of a firm in communist China, with no push back from President Obama and crew.

At issue is that fact that A123, which produces advanced batteries and storage systems, was thrown a lifeline by Mr Obama and crew. The Obama administration had deemed that green tech was so important to US interests that companies such as Solyndra and A123 got a helping hand. Apparently the White House no longer considers such high tech to be of US national interest. Why else would they do nothing to block the sale of a company which will be in receipt of one quarter of one billion tax payer dollars, to be sold to a Chinese firm?

Perhaps Mr Obama merely believes that the Chinese will use their 80% stake to help the US advance its battery technology and green energy push. After all, the Japanese and Germans believed in a similar fashion, at least until the Chinese stole their technology and produced China’s very own high speed trains.

China’s history dictates that it will do whatever it takes to obtain technologies that it cannot produce at home. China is the worst perpetrator of intellectual property on the planet and is so aggressive in such pursuits that it has been called a ‘threat to US security’. Within years or sooner, the Chinese will have pilfered all of A123’s secrets and will producing their tech in the Chinese mainland. As a result, the US will lose more jobs and take a backwards step in its technology lead.

But I guess Mr Obama knows something that the rest of us do not. Maybe by allowing A123 to be sold to a Chinese firm is all part of some master plan in embracing the new China. The new and collaborative China which has promised to enhance the livelihoods of mankind. Perhaps the notion of handing over taxpayer cash is a form of generating good will with our chief trading partner. Perhaps he believes that we, the US citizens are better able to fund Chinese technological advancement than the communist party itself.

Nah, allowing this purchase is nothing more than a bone-headed move by an administration which has failed to hold China’s feet to the fire. By permitting the purchase of a US high tech firm, the White House is allowing more technological advancement in communist China as well as subsequent job loss.







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  1. Joe permalink

    Nice article, It goes even deeper into rewarding political contributors with loans, that’s what happend with Solyndra

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