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China Preparing for War With the US- Is President Obama Ready?

August 27, 2012

China is preparing for war, Is Obama Preparing Us as Well?

Last year China’s President and leader of the Communist party said that war is imminent1 with the United States2, among other countries. As if to lend credence to this claim and show the world that China’s rise is far from peaceful, China has begun testing long range missiles3. These long range missiles, the manufacture of which was enabled by purloined US technology, are being targeted at the USA per Hu’s pronouncement. As China prepares for war, is the Obama administration sitting idly by?

Stolen US tech

China’s military is a cobbled up Frankenstein of4 purloined5 US6 and Russian7 technology. The Chinese, despite what we may hear, have done little to nothing in the way of indigenous innovation. According to Russian military sources, the Chinese submarines would be little match for the much more advanced US versions. In addition, Chinese attack fighters are Russian and US knockoffs and have yet to be proven in battle. The only aircraft carrier the Chinese have thus far, is an old can that was resurrected from the former Soviet Union. So, why are we worried?

Military Concern

The reason that we need to worry, or at least prepare for the communist threat, is that one day it will come. While China has coined its growth as a ‘peaceful rise’, its history shows otherwise. The Chinese have only enjoyed 500 years of peace over the past 2600 years. In other words, China has spent 80% of its time warring and twenty percent either recovering from war or preparing for it.

Peaceful China?

The Chinese would like us to believe that theirs is a peaceful rise. They point out that they have not been aggressive in their territorial expansion. These comments are a veiled attack on the US and other western powers for their history over the past 200 years. What the Chinese fail to admit is that just because most of the Chinese battles have been fought within their own shores, this does not mean that they are less warlike than any other country.

Aside from this, China’s claims of a peaceful rise are further proven untrue as witnessed of the attack of Tibet and East Turkestan- two sovereign nations which communists have occupied over the past half of a century. The Chinese would claim that they did not attack nor occupy either country, however. Buttressing their claim, the Chinese point at maps made hundreds of years ago and claim that this or that emperor had actually claimed those lands. According to Chinese ‘scholars’, this means that the land still belongs to China. Following this logic, one could argue that the southern part of the US should still have slaves and should also be allowed to secede, after all there are numerous ancient maps that would corroborate this ideal.

The upshot is that China’s rise has never been and will never be a peaceful one. But what does that mean to us? After all, I have already called the Chinese PLA a ‘franken-monster’ of stolen tech. So why should we worry?

Obama and company should be concerned because it is not only China’s military might or lack thereof that threatens us. The real China threat is actually a collection of smaller points which when taken as a hole, present a credible threat. Those threats are: cyber warfare enabled by companies such as Huawei, commingling of business interests which will force the US to bend to the whims of Beijing, military might, Chinese ‘Red Immigration’.

Chinese Threats Discussed.

The threat of the PLA military has already been touched upon so let me just add that China is currently working on long range missiles. These missiles could be loaded with nuclear war heads and could reach the US. Although the PLA may be weak, any and all missiles pose a serious threat.

Cyber warfare

China is the most aggressive country in the world for cyber warfare today. The Chinese are engaged in stealing tech in all major sectors. China has stolen tens of billions of dollars worth of secrets and displaced millions of US workers due to cyber theft, and that is the good news. The bad news is that the Chinese are gearing up for cyber war.

To make matters worse, the US is welcoming Chinese companies operating as fronts for the PLA8 to enter the US markets. These companies such as Huawei9 supply key components to the internet backbone. It has been proven that Chinese made gear has built in ‘backdoors’ that can be accessed by the Chinese without our knowledge. It has been proven beyond a doubt that the Chinese can turn these routers into ‘attack zombies’ without the knowledge of US firms10. Such devices can be accessed by the Chinese and PLA and used against us11. The form that would take would be that the Chinese could disable key components of our infrastructure before mounting an attack. For example, the Chinese could disable our telecommunications and energy infrastructure, just was the US did against Iraq. And before you consider such a thing beyond belief, consider that the US government has claimed that US gas pipelines are already under cyber attack12 . Aside from this, look at India’s debilitating power outages. Sources are claiming that the Chinese have had a hand in shutting down Indian electrical operations13 in practice for a larger cyber war. If the Obama administration does not get tough on China and their cyber warring, things do not look good for the land of milk and honey.

Business commingling

Another threat from China comes from commingling US and Chinese business interests. As the economies of the US and China become more integrated, refusing to bow to Beijing becomes more difficult. The more that Chinese and US interests become intertwined, the more difficult it becomes for the US to maintain its autonomy. As an example, previous administrations did not fear receiving the Dali Lama at the White House for a visit. It would appear that the current administration does not share this opinion. It is through subtle pressure such as this, that the US loses its ability to determine its own fate. President Obama has proven to ‘cater’ to Beijing in such ‘sensitive’ matters.

Red Immigration

Another aspect of China’s not so peaceful rise is the incidence of ‘Red Immigration’. Members of China’s communist party, their wives and children are flocking overseas to purchase houses and a better education. As a matter of fact, the sons and daughters of the revolution have been buying up prime real estate14 in the US15, Canada16 and Europe17. Once in a foreign land, however, these party loyalists may fail to integrate but maintain their hardline communists stance.

The typical entry strategy is to either leverage ‘investment immigration’ and or purchase homes, as stated above, or send their children overseas to secure employ. The Chinese are so aggressive in this respect that over half of the Standing committee of the communist party has sent their children and or grandchildren to the US to study. Aside from this, China now has over 160,000 students studying in the USA. This means that more Chinese are studying in US than people from any other country. When and if things go bad between the two countries, these Chinese offspring of communist party members will either claim asylum in the US, just as 70,000 did after the Tienanmen massacre, and attempt to influence public opinion.

To make matters worse, the Obama administration has made it easier for Chinese to obtain Visas. Immigration and diversity are a good thing, but must be managed. For instance, Chinese who now have the ability to emigrate to foreign lands are typically members of the communist party, the same group which has said it is preparing for war with the US. The good people of China, those who have been systematically repressed, are not typically those who have the means to leave the Chinese ‘motherland’.

It is a fact that 90% of all Chinese millionaires and billionaires are communist party members and their family. And based upon this fact, it becomes immediately obvious what the roots of many Chinese immigrants are. The problem is that once these people are in a foreign land and a conflict breaks out, they will have divided loyalties. While this could be said about any country, I would be more worried about those people coming from a political party which has openly said that is preparing to wage war against us.

President Obama’s China plan has been nothing if not ineffective.


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